Why Gold

When you have gold, you have money

Gold has been synonymous with wealth, power and financial security for thousands of years. Over the last decade smart investors, small and large alike, have turned with renewed attention to physical gold as a safe haven in the midst of economic uncertainties. Gold provides long term protection against inflation and changes in Government attitudes.

Why it makes sense to turn your profits into pure gold bullions

  • Gold supplies are limited, production costs are increasing
  • Gold assets cannot be inflated, manufactured, multiplied or created in any way
  • It protects its owner against inflation – its purchasing power is stable
  • Gold is a liquid asset, it can be sold anywhere, any time
  • Gold is an accepted means of payment in over 200 countries
  • In most countries, gold is not subject to income tax and VAT
  • Owner privacy is protected
  • As an inheritance, gold assets are easy to divide
  • Safe reserve for business and families
  • Ideal tool for retirement savings
  • Ideal tool for providing for a spouse or children
  • Gold, a precious metal, doesn’t deteriorate or change its appearence or colour – gold shines eternally

Unfortunately, however, most people in the world are preoccupied with their daily financial worries. They feel they lack the money and the experience required to begin to accumulate gold. With Ilgamos, you can use profits from mining and trading ILCoins, and also from promoting your Ilgamos business, into physical gold – from as little as 1 gram at a time.

Here, at Ilgamos, the focus is on creating and preserving wealth – and not price speculation. Have you prepared yourself and your family for the eventuality of financial calamities? How do you plan to protect your family against inflation? Do you have a plan for your financial well-being and security? Have you thought of something of true value to pass on to your children?

Commit yourself to accumulating your own gold reserves, from as little as 1 gram at a time. Select one or more of our gold accumulation programs and take the first step by making down payments for the selected amounts of gold. Stick to your commitment, complete your gold savings programs – and we will pay the down payments you made at the beginning back to you in real, pure gold. Yes, Ilgamos refunds the payment you made at the start – if you keep the commitment you made to yourself. You take a decision – not risk.

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